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Calculator Technical References

The information used in the Calculator has been gathered through primary and secondary research of the swimming pool industry. The program is based on the following set of assumptions:-

• The chemical and energy consumption parameters are estimates derived from our research in July 2010.

• Chlorine consumption ranges between 5kg to 30 kg a year and also that pools need on average between 2 kg to 8 Kg of PH plus/minus and 2kg to 4 kg of algaecide. This is based on swimming pools containing 23,000 litres to 93,000 litres of water and also assumes a pool cover is not being used.

• For salt chlorination systems is it assumed that the system is left on a medium setting for 8 hours per day on an uncovered pool using between 5 kg to 25 kg of salt per year.

• The heater usage is based on the assumption that a comfortable pool temperature of 26 degree Celsius is maintained for a period of 100 days per year over a 180 day swimming pool season. During this time a correctly sized heating system will typically be on for 8 hours a day.

• Water evaporation is based on a six month annual evaporation rate for each country. So, for example, a 24 m2 pool loses 82.08 litres of water a day to evaporation in the UK. The evaporation rate will increase in hotter climates and is allowed for in our Calculator.

• Carbon calculations, Kilo Watts/Btu and litres of Oil can be converted to metric tonnes of carbon using a conversion figure. This allows metric tonnes of carbon to be calculated based on the assumptions above.

• The saving rates for our Guard products are based on internal research which was supervised and validated by University of Brighton and London Metropolitan University.

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