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A refreshing solution to temperature management

What is a CoolGuard™ Ultra cover?

CoolGuard™ Ultra is a new, innovative solution to water temperature management. Its highly reflective, glacial blue colour provides effective protection against solar radiation. Scientifically developed to reduce solar energy entering the pool, CoolGuard™ Ultra is the latest development in temperature regulation pool covers. With GeoBubble™ technology

• Reduces daily solar gains by 55%
• Keeps the water 10% cooler
• Reflects 65% of all solar radiation
• Reduces chemical consumption by up to 75%
• Saves money and Energy
• 6 years + expected lifespan
• Available with GeoBubble™ technology
• Eliminates water evaporation by 98% +
• Reduces debris contamination
• Reduces the pool’s carbon footprint

CoolGuard swimming pool cover

Reflects heat

CoolGuard™ Ultra’s increased reflectivity provides a dramatic improvement to the regulation of the pool’s temperature. Its Glacial Blue colour brings a 25% improvement in reflectivity across the visible and IR spectrum, providing a barrier to reduce solar gains, ensuring a refreshing swimming temperature.

Reflect the sun's heat

Prevents Evaporation

CoolGuard™ Ultra’s reflective properties provide a cooler, more refreshing swimming environment while conserving water resources and mitigating the energy demands on resource consumptive cooling units. The material provides a barrier to evaporation, giving the pool the ability to preserve water and reduce heat loss through evaporative cooling. Evaporative losses have the largest impact in maintaining a pool’s temperature, responsible for 70% of the overall heat loss from an uncovered pool. Plastipack materials are tested to prevent over 98% of evaporative losses

Insulates to prevent heat transfer

The unique profile of the GeoBubble™ technology air cells provides both buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer enabling the material to manage the pool environment and keep the pool at the desired temperature.

Winter cover inhibits algae growth

GeoBubble™ technology

The unique GeoBubble™ design and additive package of the Guard product range have been scientifically developed to provide higher performance and longevity of the blended polyethylene cover material. Providing a sustainable 100% recyclable (LDPE 4) and cost saving product which comes with a 6-year pro rata manufacturer’s warranty

Reduce Energy Costs

If you want to increase your pool temperature rather than reflect the sun’s heat see our Sol+Guard™ cover, the best solar heating bubble cover available; increasing pool temperatures by up to 8°C.

If you want to inhibit algae and also absorb the sun’s energy to increase your pool’s temperatures see our EnergyGuard™ ST cover, the ultimate cover at inhibiting algae growth; reducing your daily running costs.

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