The story of the GeoBubble™

nce upon a time, somewhere not so far away, villagers across the land were enjoying the swimming season, splashing and playing in their pools without a care in the world. However, when they left them uncovered, they found that leaves, dirt and debris would float into their pools, and that much water was lost to evaporation. Many of the townsfolk would soon also discover that their pools were much too cold for an enjoyable swim. 

The villagers had three wishes for their pools: no debris, a more comfortable swimming temperature, and evaporation control. It was then that they discovered the traditional cover with a round bubble shape.

Developed and adapted from bubble wrap material, this lightweight, floating material saw improvements in evaporation control as well as in heating when compared to an uncovered pool.

And, the villagers lived happily ever after.

Well, for a little while at least…

Time passed, as time does, and the cover began to fall apart. The villagers were angry! They raised their pitchforks, and they huffed and they puffed.

They took a closer look at the material and the shape of its bubbles. They could see that the traditional round bubble shape used on this cover had clear weaknesses in its design. “My! What sharp corners you have!” exclaimed one villager. They also saw that the bubbles had thin points, and high residual stress areas. It was never going to have a long lifespan on the pool.

In the swimming pool, an environment with high levels of UV and chlorine, the thin points on the round bubble had become a significant problem, and began to break down. Soon, the cover would fail.

The villagers needed a hero, a new type of pool cover to solve all of their pool problems – and one that was built to last.

Enter the GeoBubble™ – The patented pool cover material, created specifically for the harsh swimming pool environment.

Plastipack Ltd, the manufacturer of the GeoBubble™, had long ago embarked on a quest with two UK universities to discover how to remove the inherent weaknesses from the traditional round bubble pool cover design like the one the villagers were using.

The team explored and trialled many bubble shapes with the goal of creating a superior design which could deliver the long lifespan and durability needed for the special conditions of swimming pool environments.

Our heroes at Plastipack created a domed bubble shape, 50% thicker than the bubbles of a traditional bubble cover at its thinnest point. Two of these bubbles were then joined together to increase the room for air expansion and create a strong structural arch to resist collapse. Tests showed that this new bubble shape helped covers last up to 25% longer.

After 5 years of development, GeoBubble™ technology was launched in 2012, and has since been sold across the land, providing the longest possible lifespan for the material and ensuring the pool cover continues to provide energy and resource savings throughout its useful life.

The villagers celebrated. With their new GeoBubble™ pool covers, their pools had never been more clean, warm and full – “there’s no place like the pool, there’s no place like the pool!” they chanted.  They finally had the fairy-tale ending they’d wished for.