Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it…

Spring time start up revealed clear water with just a few leaves to clear away

Update 2022:

Checked under Pool cover the other day and all superbly clear and ready for a swift opening when things get a little warmer…..unbelievable!


Graham Stewart, East Sussex, UK
energyguard swimming pool cover on natural swimming pool

After using the cover the algae was dead within a week or two

Very impressed with my EnergyGuard ST pool cover. I have a natural, unheated swimming pool. Water is circulated through bio filter to keep it clean without chemicals, but clearing the algae after its winter shutdown can be a problem. (Think pea soup!) However, after using the cover the algae was dead within a week or two and vacuumed out of the pool with ease. It has even killed off the biofilm which makes the walls of natural pools quite slick, so I’m delighted, and the pool water is sparkling clear in record time.


Elaine Roberts, UK

The water was so warm, it even gave my wife the excuse to go for a dip!!

I called [Plastipack, manufacturer of the GeoBubble™ material] to get advice regarding the right cover for my pool. The help and advice I received, couldn’t have been more helpful, and enabled me to make my choice. When we received the cover, and covered the pool, I found the quality of the material was excellent.


James Fitzpatrick-Ellis, Hampshire, UK
energyguard selective transmission pool cover on swimming pool

Pool water was absolutely crystal clear

“As someone who has been in the pool industry for many years I am always seeing new products making great claims as to how good they are so it was some doubt in my mind that I tried the black EnergyGuard™ GeoBubble™ pool cover on my own pool. I put it on in September and did not put any winterising chemicals at all in the pool.