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Guard products

The Guard product range has been scientifically designed and tested to yield maximum results for a specific performance need, whether this is heating, cooling or inhibiting algae. These products have a 6 year pro-rata warranty and are designed to pay for themselves in just one year.

strong durable woven geobubble pool cover

Woven products

These products have a highly UV stabilised HDPE woven layer laminated to their top surface, providing a stronger, durable, longer-lasting material with all the benefits of GeoBubble™

geobubble pool cover

Standard products

Our standard product range comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses (400 to 500 microns), with benefits including evaporation control, a reduction in chemical and energy consumption and debris prevention. Our wide range of materials allows you to choose a cover material that fits with your pool’s aesthetic, leaving you with a pleasant and comfortable swimming environment.

Why use a GeoBubble™ pool cover?

  • Save water
  • Retain and add heat
  • Reduce chemical demands
  • Reduce debris
  • Save money
  • Recyclable

An outdoor swimming pool loses 70% of its heat through evaporation. This water loss is not just a consumptive waste of a vital resource worth preserving but a costly one. Evaporation is an energy consumptive process reducing the temperature of the pool.

By simply covering your pool 98% of evaporative losses are prevented, the pool is insulated and debris entering the pool is reduced. Covering the pool will retain the water resource, increasing temperature within the pool and reducing chemical consumption.

Just covering the water with a Standard light blue GeoBubble™ pool cover you will save energy and resources.

All GeoBubble™ pool covers are recyclable. Marked at the weld edge LDPE 4 and can be reprocessed accordingly.

Use the below diagram to decide which cover is best for your pool:

Standard product range

All GeoBubble™ covers will provide substantial benefits and savings by helping with Evaporation Control, Debris Control and Heat insulation. GeoBubble™ standard materials come in variety of colours to match the aesthetic of any pool.

  • Eliminates water evaporation by 98%+
  • Reduce debris contamination
  • Increase pool temperature
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save money and shrink your carbon footprint
  • With GeoBubble™ Technology
  • Available from 400 to 600 micron
Light Blue
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
French Blue
Dark Blue Gold
Dark Blue Gold
Opaque Blue Black
Opaque Black Blue
Dark Blue Silver
Dark Blue Silver

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Guard product range

Our high performance 500 microns Guard materials are scientifically designed to yield maximum savings in respect of heating or cooling and chemical consumption when covering a swimming pool.

Our Guard materials have a 6 year+ expected lifespan on a correctly balanced pool*, with a 6 years pro rata manufacturer’s warranty. The Guard products are formulated with a unique additive package to ensure this lifespan is met. Based on in-field research in collaboration with two British universities, a Guard pool cover will have paid for itself in only one year, given the savings achieved on the pool’s maintenance costs / overheads.

* Always keep the pool water within the recommended Industry standards range to ensure the cover’s lifespan and warranty is not compromised. Please see The GeoBlog for more information.

NEW Woven product range

Tougher, longer lasting materials, with all the benefits of GeoBubble™ technology

Our new woven product range is tougher, stronger and longer lasting material, with all the benefits of GeoBubble™. Perfect for commercial applications such as school or community swimming pools, these materials will provide the great cost and energy savings you’d expect from GeoBubble™ for much longer.