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GeoBubble™ – More than a Pool Cover

GeoBubble™ Technology swimming pool cover material designed for longevity and performance.

What is GeoBubble™ Technology?

GeoBubble™ technology is a patented bubble design for an optimised pool cover material scientifically designed to increase the expected lifespan of the material by up to 25% and provides the longest possible life span for your pool cover, ensuring the preservation of water resources while reducing the energy and chemicals consumed to maintain your pool.

  • Expected lifespan increased by 25%+
  • Designed specifically for the harsh swimming pool environment
  • Developed in collaboration with two UK universities
  • Save money, time and reduce the carbon footprint of your pool
  • Available in a variety of standard and high-performance materials

GeoBubble™ – better for your pool and better for the environment

Why should I cover my pool?

Unique GeoBubble™ design

GeoBubble™ is an innovative pool cover material using a bubble profile that has been scientifically designed to increase the expected lifespan of the swimming pool cover material by 25%+

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Traditional Bubble Design:

  • Developed and adapted from high-volume, low quality bubble material with a short lifespan
  • Thin points and high residual stress areas, creating weak points quickly broken down by UV rays and chemical attack

GeoBubble™’s unique features & benefits:

  • Unique patented design of two bubbles joined together by a structural waistline centre section
  • No sharp corners that could resist in thin or weak points in the design
  • No stress points due to the bubble’s smooth interconnected curves
  • 50% thicker than a traditional bubble material at its thinner point
  • Increased resilience against UV rays and chemical attack

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Case Studies

We struggled to get 25°C… but since our purchase of the Sol+Guard™ pool cover, today I have a pool at 32°C

We recently purchased an above ground temporary summer pool. We struggled to get 25°C pool temperature due to overnight temperatures, but since our purchase of the Sol+Guard™ pool cover, today I have a pool at 32°C and it stayed overnight at 28°C. The morning temperature of the pool rises quickly with the additional heat provided through solar gain getting the pool to a really great temperature.   The heat pump now cycles whereas previously it had been on 24/7 previously and the kids love the increased pool temperature and use it more than ever. The small investment for the increased use and pleasure that we are getting, plus reduced electrical cost, all adds to the right choice of cover! The product is incredibly well made and we would highly recommend it.
Simon Davis, Hampshire, UK

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